Make Your Team Remotely Brilliant

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In 2.5 hours we can change your virtual life!

This live, high energy small-group training session is run by video, and will inspire your team to revolutionise the way they think about and use remote meetings.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Work as effectively over the airwaves as you do in real life, if not more so!
  • Get the right energy and focus even when you’re not physically together.
  • Make sure tech doesn’t trip you up, with simple tips to manage any problems effectively. 
  • Leave PowerPoint behind; engage attendees fully; reach decisions without endless discussions. 
  • Learn the 4 things to do at the start of any productive meeting (and make them work in a remote setting). 
  • Define your team's online identity so you can ensure productivity levels are high for every interaction.  

What the training costs

A limited number of course dates are still available in the next few weeks.
To make sure you get a spot, go straight to "book a course" and select a date.

Cost = £399 + VAT per head

Remote Meetings are the new normal. 

Unfortunately, remote meetings have a bad reputation.  

Low attention levels, patchy attendance, lack of empathy and low energy mean that conference calls and video conferences are some of the most dreaded parts of the weekly agenda.

Technology always seems to get the blame when remote meetings are exhausting, but the truth is, it's not the technology that's the problem.


It’s not the technology that makes the difference!

What really makes or breaks remote interactions is the humanology.

In this energising session designed specifically for trainers and facilitators, we’ll lead by example and share tips and tricks that will change your virtual life.  

Remotely Brilliant Video Meeting Training

"We all took away several things to try which will massively improve the online training sessions we deliver."

Training Manager - Global Travel Company  

How the training works

  • We train your team in small groups, by Zoom video link, so they experience the teaching points live and in-person and get one-to-one coaching.  
  • We’ll make sure they all have an e-invitation with instructions for using Zoom (and how to test it on their machine, if they wish to do so).  
  • Every delegate will receive a physical parcel of training materials in advance of the session, to ensure all learning preferences are catered for.  
  • We’ll spend the first 10 minutes of the session getting everybody in, hooked up and connected: each on their own device and camera so as to make sure everyone has an equal share of the real-estate on-screen.  
  • And then, we’re off-and-running and your team are learning by example while they participate.  


I've got a small team/a huge team. Is this training right for us?

Absolutely. We've designed this training to work for teams of any size - so if you're part of a tiny team or a huge one, just give us a shout and we'll show you how we can organise things so you all get the same experience and can put it together to boost your remote working sessions.

We're a team of trainers/facilitators. Is this the right training for us?

Hello you! We're also trainer and facilitators. We know that many trainers lack time to invest in their own development because we're always so busy thinking about the development of others! So, that rather depends what your learning objective is.

If you'd like to learn skills and tools to make the training sessions you deliver more brilliant, we'd suggest you sign up for our Remotely Brilliant for Facilitators and Trainers workshop - you can all book on together and we'll focus specifically on your context.

If you're after a booster to your own team sessions, this is the one for you!

Either way, you'll leave with new tools you can implement straight away.

How Is your training different to anyone else's?

We've been famous for many years for creating a learning bubble in our training workshops that’s warm, humorous, energetic and fun.
People tell us they remember our training for years, even decades.
In this training we're going to share with you how we create that bubble across a remote connection. This is not ‘How to run a webinar’ training. It's humanology at a whole new level.

Do I need any special equipment?

All you need is a device that has both a working microphone and camera. Oh, and your brain.

Will you be offering any other dates?

We're adding dates as required, if you can't find a space please email us and we'll let you know when there's a spot free!

Can you run the session in a shorter timeframe, it's too long!

We have a packed agenda for the 2.5 hours, and tons of tips and tricks for you to steal with glee.
We guarantee it's time well spent and that to rush the content won't do it, or you, justice.
We do promise have a break during the session and to finish on, or just before time so you'll be able to carry on to whatever's next without delay.

How much does it cost?

To make sure as many people as possible can benefit from the training in the current circumstances, we've created a flat pricing structure of £399 +VAT per person.

Enrol your team now

  • The price for this training is just £399 + VAT per head
  • A limited number of course dates are still available in the next few weeks.
  • To confirm your spot go straight to "book a course" and select a date.