Remotely Brilliant On-Demand Workshop

Are you making the right investments when it comes to productive remote meetings?

If you think success is all about technology you're missing the point. 

There's a whole new skill-set needed for remote meetings that goes way beyond knowing which platform to use. 

Through Remotely Brilliant we train coaches, facilitators and company teams how to make remote meetings effective. To give access to as many people as possible, the live training is now available as an On-Demand workshop.

How are the remote interactions in your business?

Are your meetings suffering from a case of dead air? Do some people hog all the airtime while others show up as multi-tasking ghosts?

Do you notice a lack of energy and focus during the remote meetings you're holding with colleagues, suppliers or customers?

Have you tried the latest software solution only to find that people still leave their cameras off and connection between humans is not improving?

The bad habits from real-world meetings are transferring directly to the remote setting and getting in the way of human connection, engagement and productivity. 

Remote meetings can be as effective as face to face meetings - in fact they can be even better than your average badly managed meeting.

In Remotely Brilliant we address the problems many companies are facing and share shortcuts to quick wins that will take your remote interactions to the next level.

Why Remotely Brilliant On Demand?

This is not your usual e-learning. We've applied everything we know about creating immersive, effective and fully engaging learning experiences to our version of this format: introducing Remotely Brilliant On Demand.

  • Learn through experience: designed to feel as though participants are taking part in a live remote workshop.
  • Interactive platform: guides you through a series of short video lessons, packaged into chapters that are easy to follow.
  • Maximum accessibility: all videos are fully captioned.
  • Added involvement: bring the learning off-screen with the downloadable workbook.

Transform your remote meetings

This training focuses on the brain science of successful remote communication, and shortcuts you to the key changes that will make meetings and workshops interactive, engaging and productive.

You'll learn how to: 

  • Build and maintain the right energy and focus - even when you don’t have your participants in the same physical space.
  • Get everyone involved and interacting from the word go, and manage breakouts and group discussions effectively.
  • Make sure tech doesn’t trip you up, with simple tips to handle problems in the moment.
  • Take collaboration to the next level using tools like screensharing and whiteboarding for live co-creation and output capture.  
  • Leave boring PowerPoint-driven webinars behind; engage attendees fully and make the experience live beyond the screen by replicating face-to-face activities online.
  • Learn the 4 things to do at the start of any remote interaction to make it more productive.

Who is this training for?

The training is designed and led by remote facilitation experts and teaches the Humanology of remote interactions. It's know-how that is transformative for those who lead any kind of remote interaction:

Facilitators and trainers: make online workshops and trainings engaging and successful.

Sales reps and account teams: elevate your presence, connection and impact.

Managers, project leads and team leaders: improve collaboration and team effectiveness.

"Wonderfully straightforward, accessible, practical and insightful. Beautifully put together."
Lindsay Wittenburg,
Executive Coach

"We all took away several things to try which will massively improve the online training sessions we deliver."
Training Manager, Global Travel Company  

  • £199 per learner
  • Your license includes:
    Lifetime access
    Opportunity to attend live coaching sessions
    Remote Meeting Engagers handbook
    How To' tech guides