The world of leadership has changed almost overnight.

That overused VUCA acronym was never more apt.

At the same moment as we are all being asked to self-isolate and respect social distance, the need for clear and visible leadership is even greater than ever, creating huge challenges for anyone in a leadership position.

You can now register to tap into our remote communication expertise, with Remotely Brilliant for Leaders: one to one, issue-based remote communication mentoring from The Business Speakeasy.

How Remotely Brilliant for Leaders will benefit you...

Our live, interactive and creative mentoring sessions are run by Zoom video workshop, and are open to individual leaders.

Remotely Brilliant for Leaders issue-based Mentoring = £999 + VAT

A limited number of mentoring slots are available across the next few weeks.
Register interest and we'll contact you with dates.


Leadership communication has changed overnight. 

All over the world, execs are leading teams and organisations from their kitchen tables, running remote meetings and conferences by video while providing their own IT support. It's learn-as-you-go time, just when you really need to be an expert in communicating remotely.

You may have the fancy webcam and the studio set-up, a Zoom Business account and a super-fast broadband connection. You may not.

It makes very little difference because what really changes the game when it comes to remote communication is not the technology. It's the humanology.

We're experts in Humanology and we're masters of the remote communication space.  

Your challenges, our expertise. 

We're Humanology experts - professional communicators with 40 years' experience working at all levels from front line to board room. In the last 2 years we've been become masters of the remote communication space.

During this time we've worked with leaders from some of the world's largest companies, to solve their communication challenges. Our clients have come to rely on our expertise and creativity to ensure they innovate in their personal communication and interactions. In addition, our energising presence acts as a booster for their own resilience and impact.

We're experiencing unprecedented demand for our services right now. We know that by supporting leaders, we can have a positive impact on the working lives of many people, so we want to make sure we continue to reserve capacity to do this, in a way you can access fast.

"I love the way you guys think" - GM, UK FMCG company

"We ran things exactly to the plan you helped us create. Everyone was fully engaged, we've set the bar really high now for our next meeting. No pressure!" Head of Marketing, global Pharmaceutical company

How the mentoring works

What you don't need right now is a generic training course. You need tailored, targeted support to shortcut you to solutions you can be confident in. Here's what our mentoring process provides:

  • Via sequential mentoring sessions, we’ll dig into your communication challenge and create a plan that will work for you
  • We’ll also share the remote communication tips you'll need to succeed.
  • The minimum time required from leaders is 2 x 60-90 minute mentoring workshops (plus any further coaching needed): dependent on nature of challenge

Remotely Brilliant for Leaders issue-based Mentoring = from £1999 + VAT

A limited number of mentoring slots are available in the next few weeks. Register interest and we'll be in touch with dates.