Working by remote video meeting for hours on end can be draining and exhausting. You need a way to keep your team engaged.

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Even when teams are well established, maintaining positive energy during long working sessions can be a challenge.

Remote working's here to stay - so we all need to do what we can to make it as effective, enjoyable and human as possible.

We have been delivering our Remotely Brilliant training to some of the world's biggest companies, with people at all levels from the boardroom to shop floor.

We're famous for our fun approach - our clients know that being fully engaged and enjoying themselves means they'll be at their most productive.

Start by downloading our free energisers and bring a boost to your next remote meeting.

Find out more about our Remotely Brilliant training and bring new levels of engagement and productivity to your companies remote video meetings.


Video meeting games and energisers are a simple way to ensure productive and effective remote team sessions.

We've designed this resource designed specifically for people who need to boost energy and engagement in remote meetings.

In this download, you'll find short and easy-to-follow instructions for four of our most useful energisers:

  • Shake Out - get physical and get the blood flowing again
  • I'd Never Have Guessed - create connections with this rapport-building challenge
  • Whose Shoes? - a fun guessing game to encourage fresh perspectives
  • Colours - an in-the-moment energy boost that anyone can join in with

You don't need any special equipment or skills to run these games! Each one takes just a couple of minutes and will ensure your meeting attendees are re-energised and full of focus for whatever's coming next.

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Whatever you think about virtual meetings, given the current context they're here to stay.

Running productive, effective video meetings takes a bit of investment - but not in expensive technology.

It's Humanology that makes the biggest difference to remote interactions.

The good news is, you can change your virtual life in as little as 2.5 hours with our remote meeting training.