Remote workshops, meetings and trainings are becoming a way of life in business, but they often have a bad reputation.

It’s not the technology that's the biggest barrier. What really makes or breaks remote interactions is the Humanology.

In this energising session specifically designed for people who lead group meetings and interactions, we’ll lead by example and share tips and tricks that will change your virtual life!


For Companies
£499 + VAT per person

Sole traders and independent operators
£399 + VAT per person

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Through a variety of exercises, thought-provokers and information sessions this session will teach you how to run more productive and enjoyable remote meetings and workshops. Specifically we will cover how to:

  • Make interactions truly engaging
  • Build/maintain energy and rapport
  • Make sure tech doesn’t trip you up
  • Apply the PLUG tool: the 4 things to do at the start of any productive remote meeting


We will confirm the details of the event and logistics with you in due course. Here are some key things to mention though upfront about managing your event.

  • The session lasts 2.5 hours and is run on Zoom
  • We'll need your postal address details, so we can send your training materials in advance of the session (postal service and international delivery permitting - if not possible we will send digital materials).
  • This is a live training session and we'll be looking for you to join with camera on and interact in the content! 
  • Everyone will need their own device so you can each appear on individual cameras.


"We had high expectations after you were recommended to us, and the reality lived up to them! You delivered with energy and pace, which brought a breath of fresh air to the Executive Leadership programme.

The group gave your sessions an average score of 4 from a 5-point scale, and their anecdotal feedback stated that they enjoyed the session and learned a lot from it.

It was a pleasure to work together and we look forward to working with you again."


"Working by video was cost effective for us, and it worked perfectly. The traditional way for us would be get our consultants in, have a meeting, sit around, then go away, come back… you know how it goes! This was much more efficient and we had no problem working through video.

Whether a small department meeting where I wanted to do something a bit different, or another big all-employee conference, it’s absolutely something that I would do again. No hesitation...for the costs that we paid we got super value for money."



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I'm a facilitator. Is this the right training for me?

Pleased to meet you! We're also facilitators. In short, yes, this session is for you!
We've designed this training to be suitable for people who are familiar with running group sessions and workshops and who are used to being at the front of the room. We're bringing in some of the most useful advanced-level content from our F-club facilitator coaching programme as well as sharing remote workshop tips so you're sure to leave with new tools under your belt.

I'm a trainer. Is this the right training for me?

Hello you! We're also trainers. And this session is for you guys too! We know that many trainers lack time to invest in their own development because we're always so busy thinking about the development of others! So we've designed this session to be energizing and inspiring as well as practical and useful. You'll leave with new tricks you can implement straight away.

I'm not a facilitator or trainer but I do lead virtual meetings. Is this training for me?

Remotely Brilliant Foundations is specifically designed for people who lead meetings and group sessions regularly. So if you do that, in any way, it's for you!.

How Is your training different to anyone else's?

We've been famous for many years for creating a learning bubble in our training workshops that’s warm, humorous, energetic and fun.
People tell us they remember our training for years, even decades.
In this training we're going to share with you how we create that bubble across a remote connection. This is not ‘How to run a webinar’ training. It's humanology at a whole new level.

Do I need any special equipment?

All you need is a device that has both a working microphone and camera. Oh, and your brain.

Can you run the session in a shorter timeframe, it's too long!

We have a packed agenda for the 2.5 hours, and tons of tips and tricks for you to steal with glee.
We guarantee it's time well spent and that to rush the content won't do it, or you, justice.
We do promise have a break during the session and to finish on, or just before time so you'll be able to carry on to whatever's next without delay.


If you have reached this far then we believe Remotely Brilliant is exactly what you need. Contact us today with any questions or book on now.