We could never have predicted, as an introvert and a performer with stage fright, that our career paths would take us towards becoming professional communicators. It would come as an enormous surprise to our younger selves, that we now have over 40 years of speaking and facilitation experience between us, and a list of satisfied clients who ask us back again and again to work with their teams.  

We've run meetings and workshops and given speeches for thousands of groups, across audiences of all sizes, nationalities and industries, We’re practitioners, not professors, who’ve learned by doing. This stuff is our craft and our passion and we’re sharing the tricks of our trade to help others succeed in theirs.  


In the past couple of years we've invested heavily in taking our workshops online with the intention of reducing air travel, to benefit the planet and the humans on it. We've run live online training for some of the world's biggest companies.

It turns out that we've codified how to recreate our legendary face-to-face experiences online just in time for the whole world to move to remote working. You could call it the perfect storm.

We're dealing with unprecedented levels of demand for our expertise, so we've worked non-stop to tailor our remote training offer to support as many people as possible.

The clients we love working most (and who love working with us) with are no-nonsense, energetic, human and innovative with a good sense of humour. If this is you, we'd love to get to know you so we can teach you what we know and accelerate you and your teams to Remote Brilliance.

Love from,

Liz and Matt

Liz Evenden - Ninja Facilitator/Chief Doing Officer  

A self-confessed geek, Liz loves nothing more than seeing a complex problem broken down and reimagined.  

With a behaviour-centric philosophy, backed up by years of experience and fine-tuned over hundreds of client projects, she’s passionate about boosting collaboration within organisations to deliver increased productivity.  

The aim of Liz’s game is to promote happiness and a sense of value in the work people do. She takes fun very seriously indeed.

Matt Spencer - Ninja Facilitator/Head of Being

Matt has been facilitating, training, coaching and other similar 'ings' for over 20 years - blimey!

His career has taken him from the worlds of construction and advertising to innovation and behavioural capability building. He is on a never-ending quest to discover and share the science of brilliant facilitation.

Also famous for his lack of footwear but acknowledges that in these days of remote facilitation this fame is unlikely to continue as no-one can see his feet. 

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