We take pride in the high quality and impact of our workshops.

Top Box Scores

We're proud to consistently achieve top box feedback scores for our training. Our clients tell us we stand out due to our passion, energy and knowledge around the topics of presenting and facilitating remotely. 

It makes our day when delegates tell us that our training has been life-changing: that's what's we call positive impact.  

Honest Reviews

Some of our favourite and best work has been done with clients who are looking for partnerships, not flash-in-the-pan one night stands. If you'd like to speak to a fellow L+D professional about what it's like partnering with us, we can arrange an introduction (and then leave you to chat!).  

Try us Out

Whether we're delivering face-to-face or via live virtual workshops, our training approach is highly interactive, hands-on and a lot of fun.  

It's best experienced first-hand, so we have Open courses running regularly, alloowing you to try us out and see if our approach is right for you.


We work with blue-chip companies all over the world, and across sectors, from pharmaceuticals to packaged goods, from media to finance and everything in between.

Big business is our heartland: we're fluent in the terminology of patients, customers, buyers, drivers, consumers and colleagues, and we're well-versed in the challenges of large organisations.

Our clients hire us for our communication expertise, and for the energy, creativity and inspiration we bring to their business interactions.


"It was truly the best course I have ever participated in"

Brand Manager, FMCG Company, UK

"It’s absolutely something that I would do again, without hesitation. Whether it was on a small scale - a small department meeting and I just wanted to do something a bit different - or another big all-employee conference. For the costs that we paid we got super value for money." 

HR Manager, Pharmaceutical company, Ireland

"Working with Liz and Matt will open your eyes for new possibilities, contribute to building a great team spirit and make the journey towards your end result so much more fun and rewarding!"  

Commercial Excellence Manager, Packaged Goods company, Norway

"One of, if not the best training courses I’ve been on.
There are some trainers, and some courses that just change everything, and I’m so grateful I got to go on one."

Senior Learning and Development Consultant, Global IT Recruitment, UK

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