Communication Superpowers Exercise

SUPERPOWER (noun) – the skills or abilities you have which make you the amazing individual you are when it comes to a particular topic. 

Specifically here… 

The ones you’ve got: the things you’re good at when leading in a room with other people. 

The ones you want: not necessarily stuff you’re bad at, instead, try listing things you think that if amplified, would make you even more effective. 


Presentation Planning Checklist

This worksheet is intended to help you put everything from this book into practice. 

We’ve put down some prompting questions in each of the key areas to get you thinking about your presentation and how to make it a success. 

Of course you’re bound to have your own better version of these questions, so feel free to take our stimulus and make your own proforma!  

In the meantime, whenever you’re planning a presentation or a group session, grab a cuppa and a nice pen, and slow down to speed up with a Not Your Usual Presentation Planning Session – enjoy!

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