Why this book is different...

No human being needs to have “presentation skills training”.

  • You go to a shop and interact with the staff  
  • You sit at dinner with family and friends and chat. 
  • You discuss business issues with colleagues on a daily basis.  

You are therefore capable of communicating effectively. You’re a human being, you’re born with the ability to get your message across in a passionate and involving way. It’s in your DNA, it always has been.  

This book will not tell you how to stand, what PowerPoint font to use, or what to wear. It will help you uncover your Communication Superpowers and boost your confidence in front of an audience.

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What's in the book:

It's an interactive, colourful journey that will help you be the best communicator you can be, whether in front of one person or one thousand.

Communication Superpowers: 

  • Gain confidence in your own authentic style 
  • Have more presence and impact in a room  

Energy, flow and range: 

  • Create the right energy in your audience/participants
  • Learn tactics to keep you and your presentation on track  

Bringing content to life: 

  • Breathe life into content (even PowerPoint!)  
  • Tell compelling stories using a simple structure  

Handling your audience: 

  • Get audiences engaged from the start 
  • Manage tricky customers with ease  

This book will help you uncover your Communication Superpowers.

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