Why everything the usual courses teach about giving presentations is wrong…  

The word presentation strikes fear unto the bravest among us. 

It’s become received wisdom that presenting can be a career defining (or limiting) opportunity.  

Many people have the scariest experience of their lives on classic Presentation Skills training courses: 

  • video and ‘constructive feedback’ are used to bully them into hiding behind powerpoint slides full of words
  • they learn to put on a presentation persona
  • they're taught to pause for impact and use strategic hand gestures to emphasise a point.  

The irony is that most often, this kind of training has the opposite effect to what’s intended.  

We believe there's another way:

No human being needs to have “presentation skills training”.

  • You go to a shop and interact with the staff  
  • You sit at dinner with family and friends and chat. 
  • You discuss business issues with colleagues on a daily basis.  

You are therefore capable of communicating effectively.  

You’re a human being, you’re born with the ability to get your message across in a passionate an involving way. It’s in your DNA, it always has been.  


In our training, we help people work out the presentation superpowers they already possess and which they want to develop – and show how to develop them.  

Learning Outcomes:

Communication Superpowers: 

  • Gain confidence in your own authentic style 
  • Have more presence and impact in a room  

Energy, flow and range: 

  • Create the right energy in your audience/participants
  • Learn tactics to keep you and your presentation on track  

Bringing content to life: 

  • Breathe life into content (even PowerPoint!)  
  • Tell compelling stories using a simple structure  

Handling your audience: 

  • Get audiences engaged from the start 
  • Manage tricky customers with ease  

“I attended the Not Your Usual Presentation Skills training a couple of years back and it was one of those courses that honestly made a huge difference to me in terms of how I show up and how I tell stories.” Global Consumer Insight Director, Packaged Goods company  

We’re not promising a change of persona, we won’t stop shy people being shy, and we don’t want anyone to be any different – just their best, most shiny self.  

Delivery options

In Real Life

One day face-to-face workshop for 8-12 people in a single location

In Virtual Real Life

3-6 part live video course for 8-10 people in dispersed locations


Short-form course for small or large groups, focussing on Communication Superpowers

All our training can be delivered in person, or by video, to suit your schedule.

Other communication training we offer

How to innovate at work: 

Unlock your collaboration and innovation ability, and learn the behaviours and principles of Design Thinking.

Telling compelling stories: 

Learn to tell stories with messages that stick using a simple framework that will make every story more engaging and to the point.

Feedback Ninja:  

Embrace the joy of feedback rather than dreading the word, and become a ninja at giving and (just as importantly) receiving data-based feedback from your bosses and peers. 

Supercharge your Impact: 

Learn simple techniques to make the right impression every time! Tune yourself up to the positive impact you can have on the people around you. 

Web of Influence:  

Learn how to make the Matrix work for you, and put a plan in place to create the human connections you need to deliver a specific project or reach a career aim.

Communication Superstar: 

Short-form course for small or large groups, focussing on Communication SuperpowersShort-form course for small or large groups, focussing on Communication Superpowers

To find out more about any of our training, just get in touch via our contact page.

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