Many businesses have a problem with meetings:  

Meetings have become a time-wasting chore, with employees disengaged and demotivated: 59% of U.S. employees feel disengaged by number of meetings (Barco Ltd) U.K. workers waste nearly 13 days per year in unproductive meetings (Crowne Plaza Survey) 62% of senior managers said meetings miss opportunities to bring the team closer together (HBR)  

The truth is, planning and leading effective meetings is an advanced skill – and this fact is a business blind-spot.  

It doesn't have to be this way!

Smart businesses don’t want this situation. And nor do we. That's why we’re taking on meetings, and we’re going to make them better.  

Transform key meetings, and learn vital skills to boost productivity...  

  • No theory, just practice: We work alongside your people, helping them plan and run their actual meetings.  
  • Maximum impact: We focus on the big meetings first, and teach skills that will transfer to day-today interactions across the business.  
  • Efficient solution: We equip your people to run the meetings so you don’t have to hire expensive facilitators.  
  • Context-driven: The support we give your team is personalised, so you aren’t wasting time and money on irrelevant training. 

Our mentoring gives the people in your business the skills to transform meetings into efficient, productive and enjoyable interactions.

The Meeting Coaching process

Partnership: for best results we coach multiple teams across your business, or one team across multiple meetings for 12 months.  

Time efficient: teams are meeting-ready in as little as 3 hours.  

Build resource: develop meeting leadership skills across your business.  

Transformation: over time all meetings become productive, effective and fun.

Every major meeting in your company year will be brilliantly planned and run by you/your team.  

Business Outcomes

  • Interactive, inspiring meetings that create useful actions and next steps, planned and run by your own people.  
  • Projects run to time, issues get resolved, less time is wasted in the business. 
  • Skills and impact transfer across to other meetings.

  • Save money on meeting facilitators and develop your own skilled resource. 
  • Free up time to focus on the business.  
  • Increase employee engagement by addressing the #1 business morale-drainer. 

"It’s absolutely something that I would do again, without hesitation. Whether it was on a small scale - a small department meeting and I just wanted to do something a bit different - or another big all-employee conference. We got super value for money."  

HR Manager, Pharmaceutical company

The result: meetings will be time well-spent, not time wasted

If you'd like to find out more, we need to talk!  

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