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A facilitator can make or break a meeting or a project - success is literally in your hands. Facilitation is an advanced skill, and it's not something that everyone wants to do - or can do.

Being a facilitator is a hugely rewarding yet also strangely under-recognised profession. Have you ever wondered where facilitators go to go to sharpen skills, deepen knowledge and become more ninja?

That's what F-Club is all about. Coached by experts with over 20,000 hours of experience on their feet leading rooms, F-Club is professional development par excellence for experienced facilitators.

Through a curated online curriculum based around the 6-F model, F-Club takes you on a tour of facilitation brilliance, unlocking more of your genius at every step along the way.

If you're looking to focus on your own development, and to bring your facilitation to the next level, F-Club is for you.

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Let's celebrate Facilitators!

It takes a certain kind of individual to volunteer to stand at the front of a room, and you're one of them. We salute you!

Facilitation is an advanced skill, and it's not for everybody. There's a lot of pressure and expectation to get things right and a lot of variables to manage.

But facilitators rarely get the training and skill development investment they deserve:

  • The available training courses are elementary level: experienced facilitators don't need to learn how to use a flipchart or create a timing plan.
  • It's not something facilitators think about often: we're so focussed on others that it can be difficult to find space for ourselves.

F-Club is here to change that.

Facilitators deserve more, and F-Club's here to help.

F-Club is here for all the facilitators out there!

Facilitation is an advanced craft, and facilitators deserve the kind of development reserved for craft masters. 

F-Club is the world’s first coaching program and community that recognises the importance of great facilitation.  

The F-Club approach is all about the small nuances that can turn a good-enough session into a world-class workshop.  

Structured around the 6F model, the programme enables you to develop your facilitation skills in real-time and apply learning immediately in your work, confident that you'll succeed.

The combination of live online learning and archived resources makes it easy to access and convenient to be part of.  

Through F-Club, develop your skills, hone your style and increase your impact. 

The F-Club Magic:

F-Club is a carefully curated learning journey of the knowledge that really makes the difference and creates ninja facilitators. The curriculum develops month by month, giving time and space for application of learning, formation of new habits and acquisition of new behaviour patterns.

In designing the programme, we've distilled the game-changing elements of our facilitator coaching practice into a series of short sessions. The learning takes place online so you can access it at your convenience, and apply the theory in your own practice and your own time.

Long term help: you grow your facilitation skills over time and develop new habits and routines that stick.  

Time effective: choose between live workshops or on-demand online learning to suit your own preference.  

Diverse views: meet other people from different businesses who care as much about facilitation as you do and become part of the F-Club community.

Constant Learning: use your ongoing facilitation engagements to grow and improve, confident you'll succeed.  

Over the course of your membership you'll become an even more adept, confident and able facilitator.
Be more ninja!

What will I learn?

Whether you want to relight your facilitation fire or further unlock your facilitation brilliance, F-Club will develop your style and elevate your practice to ninja level.

F-Club members are facilitators of all disciplines: training, leadership development, coaching, strategy consulting, systemic constellations, group moderation and more.

Your learning objectives will all be different, and they're the best kind! Some of the outcomes we help you move towards are:

  • Ensure that groups will always be onside and lead any kind of interaction with ease.  
  • Be comfortable with any level of preparation - design in full or flex in the moment as your engagements require.
  • Understand and tap into your own authentic energy and presence.
  • Handle ‘tricky’ customers with confidence - never have a session or project derailed again.  
  • End every interaction feeling energised and full of positive thoughts about what went well.  
  • Embrace the rules of F-Club - none of which involve fighting or giving people black eyes!
  • Know how to look after yourself in the run-up, during and after a workshop.  
  • Become known for leading fully engaging experiences that create brilliant outputs.  
  • Always be inspired by an ever growing bank of ideas you can draw on to keep things fresh - for you and your participants.
  • Translate everything you do in a physical workshop, to a virtual workshop (and vice versa)  

Be nimble and flexible in your facilitation style. Manage any situation while still being yourself.

What's it like being a member of F-Club?

Here's what some of our current F-Clubbers are saying about their experience:

"You get a real understanding about your facilitation strengths and weaknesses and what to do with them."

"It's great to learn the things you need to do as a facilitator to open up the creative space for all of the participants."

F-Club Founders: Liz and Matt

We could never have predicted, as an introvert and a performer with stage fright, that our career paths would take us towards becoming professional communicators. It would come as an enormous surprise to our younger selves, that we now have over 40 years of speaking and facilitation experience between us, and a list of satisfied clients who ask us back again and again to work with their teams.  

While Liz's background lies in delivering multi-disciplinary global projects for some of the world's largest companies, Matt's been designing process and training facilitators for decades. The combination of these strengths means we have a pragmatic approach that's born from experience and tested in the real world.

We're obsessed with the science behind human interaction and we have a relentless curiosity to deeper understand and codify everything that makes up the art of facilitation. We're practitioners not professors: everything we share has been tried and repeatedly improved to make it as effective as possible - and we're still learning and evolving our approach every day.

We've run meetings and workshops and given speeches for thousands of groups, across audiences of all sizes, nationalities and industries. This stuff is our craft and our passion and we’re sharing our knowledge to help others succeed.

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