The Facilitator's Curse

It takes a certain kind of individual to volunteer to stand at the front of a room, and in your workplace, you're one of them.

But businesses don’t understand the effort required to facilitate skillfully:  

  • Leaders and Managers have failed to see the value in, and recognise the skill of, brilliant facilitators.  
  • Developing people in the art of facilitation is not a business priority - and it gets done badly or not at all.  

So you get asked time and time again to run sessions, even though it means working alone and ‘making time’ around your day job.  

The people demanding your services rarely give clear and useful briefings, yet expect you to deliver brilliant results every time.  

Nobody else seems to understand the energy it takes to prepare and deliver sessions, and you're left feeling under-appreciated, and a little bit tired.  

As a result, under-equipped but enthusiastic individuals have to try their best without support, and this creates an unwanted (and undeserved) legacy around the F-Word.  

We're here for all the facilitators out there!

Smart businesses don’t want this situation. And nor do we.  

We’re on a mission to get facilitation recognised as an advanced craft, and to support facilitators so they’re highly skilled and effective. 

F-Club is the world’s first coaching program and community that recognises the importance of great facilitation.  

Our approach celebrates the art of the facilitator and teaches the small nuances that can turn a so-so session into a world-class workshop.  

The programme enables you to develop your facilitation skills in real-time and practice in your workplace, confident that you’ll succeed.  

Through F-Club, we inspire facilitators to develop their skills, hone their style and increase their impact. 

The F-Club Magic:

Long term help: we help you grow your facilitation skills over 12 months, and beyond.  

Time effective: A combination of live workshops and online support builds your abilities efficiently.  

Diverse views: meet other people from different businesses who care as much about facilitation as you do.  

Constant Learning: Use your workplace facilitation engagements to grow and improve, confident you'll succeed.  

Over the course of your membership you'll become a more confident and able facilitator.

Learning Outcomes

  • Groups will always be on your side rather than working against you.  
  • Attendees will recognise your expertise, give you useful feedback - and volunteer to stay behind and help clear up the room!  
  • Handle ‘tricky’ customers with confidence - never have a session derailed again.  
  • End every session feeling energised and full of positive thoughts about what went well.  
  • Know how to look after yourself in the run-up, during and after a workshop  
  • Always be inspired by an ever growing bank of exercises/structures/plans you can draw on to keep things fresh - for you and your participants.  

"It was truly the best course I have ever participated in"  

Brand Manager, FMCG Company

The result: Be nimble and flexible in your facilitation style so you can adapt to any situation while still being yourself.

Would you like to become a member of F-Club? Contact us to apply.