Icebreakers for Remote Meetings

If you want to make sure your video meetings are effective, you need to look after the energy levels of your attendees. One of the best ways to do this is with icebreakers, or as we prefer to think of them, engagers.

Remotely Brilliant Video Meeting Training

Get into the Groove

Why cameras on is the only way to benefit from remote conferencing.


I want to break free

(of waste of time meetings and the feedback vacuum that exists around them)

Make meetings a thing of joy

Three simple tips to make your meetings more productive and enjoyable.

Not Your Usual Presentation Skills Book

No human being needs to have “presentation skills training”.

  • You go to a shop and interact with the staff  
  • You sit at dinner with family and friends and chat. 
  • You discuss business issues with colleagues on a daily basis.  

You are therefore capable of communicating effectively. You’re a human being, you’re born with the ability to get your message across in a passionate and involving way. It’s in your DNA, it always has been.  

This book will not tell you how to stand, what PowerPoint font to use, or what to wear. It will help you uncover your Communication Superpowers and boost your confidence in front of an audience.

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